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graphic design –> custom home design

I graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in ’87 and was self employed in graphic design for 13 years.

My parents were living on the coast south of Tallahassee. Dad had designed the beach house they were building and through word of mouth began receiving referrals from a network of builders during a building boom near St. George Island. It was too much for one person, and he didn’t want to turn away any work. In early 2000 he invited me to consider a career change, and I “jumped”. My initiation into home design was by working on dozens of beautiful beach homes for the first several years—initially doing all his computer drafting and gradually moving into design myself.

Eventually two hurricanes hit back to back in the same year, followed by the housing market crash and my parents move (away from the coast). This put the design work along the beach on pause for a time and had me shift my focus to design “in the North”. I’ve designed numerous custom homes and additions for builders and home owners since 2003. And as of 2014, work along the coast, is making a come back!