Web Searches?

Websites with thousands of house plans to search through. I’ve heard it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. Why? Because none of those houses were designed with you in mind. That’s the nature of a custom home. It’s perfectly tailored … to YOU.

Try Custom Instead!

Your home should fit your needs as well as the site. Family sizes, current and future plans, activity preferences, tastes and style choices all contribute to the need for a custom design. This is why many people express the inability to find the “right” set of plans online—they often don’t exist…and you can’t “search” for custom!

My design experience will help you to make decisions and choices that you may otherwise not consider. I can see possibilities, find solutions and anticipate your needs—even when you have difficulty expressing them. I will listen to your desires and create a custom design well suited for your family. My job is to make your home as enjoyable and usable as possible. The whole point of going custom is to give you exactly what you want.

I would love to discuss your project with you and get the chance to design something amazing together—from scratch! I’ll do my best to make the process quick, easy and enjoyable.

The Builder’s Role in the Design Process

The builder plays a critical role on the design team. They alone have the experience to guide the project successfully toward your budget. Because they help define the design parameters and ensure the project stays within bounds, (whenever possible) it’s important for them to be involved from the beginning. If you haven’t selected your builder yet, I can make some suggestions.

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