you can’t “search” for custom

I’m a custom home designer—Think “Architect” that specializes in residential design work (but without the title, and high costs). I design new custom homes, additions and remodels, working in partnership with home builders, homeowners and structural engineers—the end result being a set of construction drawings (blueprints).

The “right” set of plans can be very hard to “find” online! Some folks come to me with a couple sets of plans (from magazines or the internet), a hand drawn sketch, and some pictures of exteriors they like. They like parts of this plan and features of another. Once we’ve discussed what they’re looking for in a house, I’ll take all their comments (and visuals) and blend them together into something just for them. (THIS is custom).

Others don’t have as many “visuals” but they’ll describe in words, through the interviewing process, the vision they have for their dream home.

And some have expressed frustration having found plans online that they “just want to change a little” only to realize the “sticker price” is misleading. When you factor in the licensing costs and purchasing multiple sets, the fact that many don’t include a suitable foundation plan, and the costs to make alterations—it adds up so quickly. It becomes much easier to get exactly what you want — with me. I’ve designed 100s of homes—each one, 100% custom.

My design experience will guide you through decisions and choices that you may otherwise not consider. I can see possibilities, find solutions and anticipate your needs— even when you have difficulty expressing them. It’s my goal to simplify the process and make the experience enjoyable.